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Manta Ray Night Diving is fantastic off the Kona Hawaii Coast SCUBA Diving & Snorkeling Amenities

One of the main reasons for a move to the Big Island of Hawaii is its gloriously beautiful ocean realm. As you can imagine, Free Divers, photographers, snorkel explorers or aquatic hikers: our precious and fragile Reefs all carry a big "Please Do Not Disturb". For water sports & many other fun activities, we have tons of good info for you on our links page. Shore Diving in Hawaii is terrific. I highly recommend it: there are a thousand shore entry spots on our 110 miles of West Coast alone, and many of them are nearly always dive-able. We have bays where even novice snorkelers can count dozens of species of fish. Tours are provided by the many area shops (links page, phone book).

In our two-story barn, we have a sizeable special Divers' Area: After you're done diving for the dakona beachy, drive up to park and unload all your gear. Inside the garage we have two showers and big buckets where you can rinse yourself and your gear — with plenty of racks to hang things up, and shelves to store "stuff"; a well-lit table for photographers to attend to your lenses and o-rings and plenty of outlets to recharge batteries overnight. All your stuff is very safe and sound up there.

In our Living Room we have a free Guest Computer with very fast Internet access (and Wi-Fi) — so you can not only check your email, but send yourself some pictures. You can use our guest TV/VCR to show off your slides or videos in the evening.

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